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Accident Repair

Bodyshop and Accident Repair Centre

Should you unfortunately be involved in an accident or whether you sustain one of those annoying car parking scuffs, dents or kerb your alloy wheels we do have our insurance company approved body shop on site.

More and more insurance company’s now allow their customers to nominate where they have the repair work carried out on their vehicle and as such we can help in what can be a stressful and awkward process.

We know and appreciate that being without a car whilst a repair is being carried out is very inconvenient so if for some reason your insurance company don’t provide you with a loan car whilst your car is being repaired we can supply you with one of ours (subject to availability)

If as is so often the case somebody has caused cosmetic damage to your car and has driven off without providing you with their insurance company details a lot of customers don’t elect to claim via their own insurance company as they may have a high excess policy so quite often it can be more far more cost effective and a lot quicker for us to carry out a cosmetic repair.

For a free no obligation quotation please feel free to pop in and have a chat with a member of our team who can carry out an assessment of the damage and provide you with an estimate to rectify the damage.

All too often nowadays it is so easy to kerb the alloy wheels on vehicles which not only detract from the vehicles cosmetic image but can also have an impact on the vehicles value.

Our body shop are also able to repair cosmetic damage to alloy wheels starting from as little as only £45 a wheel.