Air Con Service

Service Description

Air Conditioning Re-gas from £59.00

Most manufacturers recommend the A/C system is regassed at least once every two years. We have the equipment and knowledge to carry out this routine service to the A/C system to most makes and models of vehicles. Keep your air conditioning working at its best and book your A/C regas today.

Full Aircon Service £99.00

Sometimes the air conditioning system and ventilation systems can suffer with a build-up of bacteria and a restricted flow of air through the vents. We offer a full air conditioning system service which would include replacement of the cabin air filter, a full inspection and regas of the air conditioning system and the use of an air purifier to clean and disinfect the hidden air ways within the ventilations system, leaving the car smelling fresh and clean.

Enquire about our full air conditioning service today.

If your vehicle has the latest eco-friendly air conditioning gas fitted R1234Y then we can also carry out a re-gas on these vehicles as well – prices start from £110.00.